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Lapis Lazuli Comp by GuapaTheSuperPanda Lapis Lazuli Comp :iconguapathesuperpanda:GuapaTheSuperPanda 0 1 rainbow stripe by GuapaTheSuperPanda rainbow stripe :iconguapathesuperpanda:GuapaTheSuperPanda 0 2 Doodle by GuapaTheSuperPanda Doodle :iconguapathesuperpanda:GuapaTheSuperPanda 0 0
The Edge
I'm standing on the edge,
thinking no one will ever know
The cool wind blows,
and caresses my toes
I could end it all,
with this one fall
I'm standing on the edge,
wishing I was dead
I could end it all,
with this one simple fall
and no one would care
or miss me at all
I'm standing on the edge looking down
I know it'll be over when I hit the ground
Tears stream down my face,
as I think of leaving this place
I'm standing on the edge
thinking of all who care
It wouldn't be fair to just leave them here
To cope with my loss
and blame themselves
They never knew
so they couldn't help
I step back from the edge
and fall to my knees
I cry at the sky pleading for the world to forgive me
I swear to myself I won't let the depression win
I refuse to allow myself to be lost in that shadow
to dwell in my failure and sins
The shadow clears
My mind rests
It always comes and goes like this
I then remember that life is beautiful
So don't waste even a moment
standing on the edge
unless you truly
:iconguapathesuperpanda:GuapaTheSuperPanda 0 0
Your inner fire
“What if I fall?”
“Oh, my darling, what if you fly?”
I ponder this often. Probably much more than I should. I recently stumbled upon it again while scrolling through my Facebook news feed. I recall someone telling me something along these lines at one time. When I was young I had an art teacher (well everyone has one in public school, right?) Anyways this particular woman wasn’t just there for a pay check like some teachers nowadays she was there because she had a passion for art. I remember when she encouraged me to try out for a program called step art. It was a summer thing that provided various semi advanced art classes. The thing was you had to audition. Up until this point I had never had to audition or try out for anything it all just seemed to come to me, I didn’t have to chase what I wanted. I distinctly recall asking her as she handed me the paperwork for it “What if I fail?”
“And what if you succeed?” She had replie
:iconguapathesuperpanda:GuapaTheSuperPanda 0 0
Cherry Blossom by GuapaTheSuperPanda Cherry Blossom :iconguapathesuperpanda:GuapaTheSuperPanda 1 0
Ramblings of a depressed mind: Escape
   Emerald green eyes stare blankly at a painted ceiling. Hair, like snow, falls across a cream pillow. She lays there in an unresponsive state, her body moves only slightly. This movement is in the form of a knee steadily rocking side to side to an unknown tempo and her fingers moving occasionally as if she were playing something on a stringed instrument. She stays like this for hours on end, suspended between reality and a dream.
   She taught herself this trick, a way to escape when nothing else worked. When the art and the words became too jumbled to be of any use or when her focus was shot and she couldn’t escape through literature. She settles, in this state, and recedes somewhere deep into the mind that haunts her. She ventures like Alice in her own brand of madness. She consorts with the demons that torment her soul. Old friends in this state to some extent play mates. She falls further into worlds of her own creation, carefully slipping into the bodie
:iconguapathesuperpanda:GuapaTheSuperPanda 0 4
Female Love Interest by GuapaTheSuperPanda Female Love Interest :iconguapathesuperpanda:GuapaTheSuperPanda 2 2 Modern Elf by GuapaTheSuperPanda Modern Elf :iconguapathesuperpanda:GuapaTheSuperPanda 2 0 Rose for Debbie by GuapaTheSuperPanda Rose for Debbie :iconguapathesuperpanda:GuapaTheSuperPanda 2 0
In your presence
I found sanctuary
In your touch
I found safety
I your smile
I found joy
In your speech
I found mental peace
Instead of someone who dismisses my demons
I found someone willing to help me face them.
Someone to comfort me,
Through my anxiety,
Someone to help put my mind at ease.
Someone to make me smile,
When I feel like I’m falling apart,
To talk me down when I’m hopeless
A side of me no one else has seen
The hopeless, depressed and ugly me
In you a found a best friend
In you I found common ground
In you I found help I didn’t think I needed
And in you I found love.
:iconguapathesuperpanda:GuapaTheSuperPanda 2 0
Guapa by GuapaTheSuperPanda Guapa :iconguapathesuperpanda:GuapaTheSuperPanda 1 2
A Stranger's Dream
The young man
With the sketch pad and pencil
Sitting across the table
The people you pass day-by-day
They've all got one thing in common
They've all been dreaming of something
Most long for the chance to make a change
To chase the dreams they think today
To push their fear and doubt away
So if you ask a stranger what dream they hold
You might be amazed at what they say
Because every person young and old
Has a dream they cherish and hold
And what would you do
If a stranger asked you?
Because to them you're just a stranger too
:iconguapathesuperpanda:GuapaTheSuperPanda 2 0
Happy Pill Society
It seems this world is satisfied,
Drugged and drifting through their lives.
Wasting not a moment of their time,
Wondering about their purpose in life.
Happily swaying to music with no substance,
Enjoying their dauntless existence,
It must be nice to be blissfully ignorant.
To the problems that face our world today,
To not have to be the one to say,
“This is wrong”
And try to fix it.
Instead they fret over trivial matters,
Such as the latest gossip,
Or who said what.
Those who are aware of the true state of this world,
Often don’t speak up with words,
Afraid of what others may say,
If suddenly they pointed out the errors of our ways,
And spoke the thoughts plaguing their brain.
About how we’re killing our world,
Or losing our rights as human beings.
No, they remain silent,
They instead turn to pills to cope with their existence.
And sway with the others,
To music with no substance,
And I’m no better than those I critique.
I choose to stay silent.
Rather tha
:iconguapathesuperpanda:GuapaTheSuperPanda 2 2


Bunny Girl Bodysuit Tutorial and Pattern by KayPikeFashion Bunny Girl Bodysuit Tutorial and Pattern :iconkaypikefashion:KayPikeFashion 3,662 182 Megasaur Poachers by AlexKonstad Megasaur Poachers :iconalexkonstad:AlexKonstad 1,210 41 Cyborg Girl by Zengel Cyborg Girl :iconzengel:Zengel 1,306 59 Kintsugi by Pin-updoll Kintsugi :iconpin-updoll:Pin-updoll 3 3 Facepaint by Corathque Facepaint :iconcorathque:Corathque 304 54 the golden girl by robinpika the golden girl :iconrobinpika:robinpika 691 22
How to Make a Big Sister Costume Step By Step
How to Make a Big Sister Costume --- DO NOT go by my measurements, this costume is tailor fit to a specific person and my measurements may not be right for your costume.
Total cost not counting all the found objects about $200 USD
BONUS*** How to Make a Little Sister Adam Extractor
BONUS*** Big Daddy Doll
Table of Contents
I. Supplies List
1. Little Sister Adam Extractor Supplies List
2. Big Daddy Doll
II. Supplies on hand
III. Helmet
1. Supplies
2. How to
IV. Chest Piece, Back Piece, Shoulder Pieces
1. Supplies
2. How to
– Chest Piece and Back Piece
– Shoulder Pieces
V. Left Arm Adam Extractor
1. Supplies
2. How to
VI. Right Arm Harpoon
1. Supplies
2. How to
VII. Cage and Tank
1. Supplies
2. How to
VIII. Leg Bracers and Shoes
1. Supplies
2. How to
– Leg Bracers
– Shoes
IX. Body suit
1. Supplies
2. How to
X. Adam
1. Supplies
2. How to
XI. Belts
1. Supplies
2. How to
XII. Little Sister Adam Extractor
1. Su
:iconbioshock-2-fans:bioshock-2-fans 47 6
Maleficent is the night! by Mistiqarts Maleficent is the night! :iconmistiqarts:Mistiqarts 2,074 141 DWoW 624 by Gamerfeline DWoW 624 :icongamerfeline:Gamerfeline 8 3 Haley (aka Beautiful the Super Panda :P) by Windspirit123221 Haley (aka Beautiful the Super Panda :P) :iconwindspirit123221:Windspirit123221 1 0 i-its nice to meet you by TheHumanHeart i-its nice to meet you :iconthehumanheart:TheHumanHeart 3 4 Murder at Eventide by N8grafica Murder at Eventide :iconn8grafica:N8grafica 2,707 231 KENZO ..... Oil Painting by AstridBruning KENZO ..... Oil Painting :iconastridbruning:AstridBruning 2,865 340 Witch Bottle #26 (2) by crackedmoon Witch Bottle #26 (2) :iconcrackedmoon:crackedmoon 1 0 /\ by SuperPhazed /\ :iconsuperphazed:SuperPhazed 1,183 126
Black Oil
   What are these black tears
That drop from my robot eyes?
      That's not the program
:icongin-zura:Gin-Zura 13 9


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Haley Schaffer
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
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I generally write poetry to get things off my chest and cope with depression. I found therapy in creativity. I don't just write poems though, I'm also an artist that spans mediums from pastels to color pencils to graphite to paint. I am currently beginning to venture in to digital art so bare with me on that endeavor. I'm debating on starting commissions but eh, if you have a request I'll mull it over and we can discuss compensation. Anywho~ I play bass and that's about all that's interesting so why are you still reading this?


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